"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." – Winston Churchill

I want to tell you a secret – I seek a lot of advice. And because I ask for advice, I seem to get a lot.

"I've made a mistake," I said, as I was shaking, while holding the phone on the back steps of the new company I had started working for less than a week from leaving what should have been my dream job. This job where I left (the dream job that I didn't realize I had), where my co-workers were more like family than people I just shared a work address with Monday through Friday.

"Well, you want to fail a lot in life," he said to me. This was one of my early mentors and my boss. He knew that I needed to stick it out a bit longer. I had worked for a large company as a contract employee and wanted the opportunity to be a full time employee. A status that I could not seem to obtain at my previous job.

"Can I have my old job back?" I asked, still shaking, hoping the answer would be yes with "come back today!" The answer was for me to go ask what my future would be at the company and report back. And more advice was given, he said to me, "you need to fail, and you need to learn from those failures, that's how you grow in life."

He was right. And I think about this advice often (I fail often).

Failures are not permanent, they are growing opportunities.

We are all in it together, to share in each other's trials and tribulations, to encourage each other because we all have failed. Failure is human.

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