Yesterday I caught up with a friend of mine from a previous position. We both work for a large company and about 4 years ago our paths found us in the same department. We both left at the same time for different positions around the same time and had not made time to catch up, until yesterday. After the normal catch up about jobs, I asked her how her son was doing. She shared some details with me about her son’s difficulty in school the previous year. Then she said, “always listen to your mom gut.”

Always listen to your mom gut.

She told me that during this tough time last year, several people told her that what her son was going through was “normal” stuff and that she didn’t need to be concerned. But she knew different and didn’t listen to her gut. She was lamenting that she did not act quick enough and follow her own intuition. Often we don’t regret things we do, but things we don’t do.

Always listen to your mom gut.

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