I’m a Digital Habit Coach

I coach in the fringe hours (before 7:00am and after 5:00pm, Monday – Friday Central). My approach is different from traditional life coaching, this is special and unique. It will work from some and not for others. It’s asynchronous messaging through an app, which means that I will check in with you every day, you can check in with me when it works best for your schedule. You don’t have to make any appointment or go anywhere. Everything is done when your schedule allows. As a working mom who wants to get a lot done, I can help you prioritize and get accomplished what matters most.

Here’s the 5 areas that I coach on:

Radical Prioritization – Is your to do list so long that you don’t know where to start? If so, then let’s work together. I can help you conquer your to do list and focus on what is most important. Most people will find that they can make huge process and create foundational habits in 30 days.

Review Life Goals – Do you feel like you are floating through life? Do you have a sense of what matters most? Let’s work together. I can help you discover your true direction by helping you create a daily habit to review your life goals. Your engagement and interaction determines the amount of time you need to achieve this habit. We can work together for as little as two weeks or as many as several months. It is completely up to you.

Write Your Daily Schedule – Have you ever looked up at the clock and been surprised by the time, not knowing what you had gotten accomplished for the day? If so, let’s work together. I can help you put in practice a habit of writing your schedule each day, before the day starts, telling your time where to do instead of allowing it to happen to you.

Start Hiking – If your goal is to get in nature, let’s work together. I can help you pick the right trails for your activity level or help you stay accountable for training to hike a long trail. This can all be done virtually.

Develop a Reading Practice – Do you want to read more? If so, I’d love to help you achieve this goal in your current time constraints. I read more than 40-50 books a year and have for several years, while leading a full life.

My approach for coaching is simple, we do what works best for you. I can be your cheerleader or accountability partner. Most of my clients find that starting with a month of coaching works best. After your initial month we can tailor your needs to the best amount of time for you to achieve what matters most.

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