Develop A Reading Practice

Do you have a goal to read more or start reading?

Review Life Goals

Do you feel like you are floating through life?

Radical Prioritization

Is your to-do list so long that it’s not manageable anymore?

Start Hiking

Let me help you get starting hiking.


Wisdom From Others – Listen to Your Mom Gut

Yesterday I caught up with a friend of mine from a previous position. We both work for a large company and about 4 years ago our paths found us in the same department. We both left at the same time for different positions around the same time and had not made time to...

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An Epic Road Trip – Niagara Falls

We took an epic road trip.  We drove to Niagara Falls, from Tennesse. With a 6 and a 9-year-old!   1800 (well, actually 1795) miles. 4 people in a car for more than 24 hours. 7 nights on the road. 1800 miles. 5 states. 1 national park, well national forest. 2...

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